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We know how overwhelming it can be hearing new printing terminology, so we have created this guide to help you choose the best finish & paper for your packaging and business stationery. We truly believe in working with you to create packaging that will help you establish a long lasting bond with your customers & compliment your brand. So please don't feel overwhelmed, we are here to guide you through the entire process.

Familiarise yourself with our various finishes

We could talk about print all day - but we will teach you all about the finishing techniques we offer in house.

Learn all about our favourite papers

As self confessed paper lovers, we have selected our favourite papers, which have been tried & tested in the studio.

Feel confident about your packaging & stationery

We want you to feel in empowered when choosing your packaging. Please get in touch if you have any other questions.

Finishing Touches

Digital Printing (£)

Best for short runs. We can print on a variety of heavyweight card (up to 380gsm). We offer 2 types of digital printing (Laser & Inkjet), depending on your needs. White Digital Ink available on limited range of papers.

Digital Foil (££)

Best for small runs (as no foiling plates are needed). This allows you more flexibility with quantity, and personalisation (does not leave an impression on the paper). Will only work on smooth cardstock (>300gsm)

Hot Foil Press (£££)

A process where a metal die/plate uses heat to apply foil onto a variety of surfaces. Works best for thick textured cardstock, finer detailed artwork, in large quantities. Leaves a beautiful impression in the paper.

Embossing (£££)

This is a technique where we create a raised impression in the paper. Creates a beautiful & subtle affect. Works best with simplified bold designs / artwork. The back of the card will usually also have an impression.

Debossing (££)

This is where a metal plate leaves a sunken impression in the paper. This works best on thicker cardstocks (will not affect the back of the card). When we refer to debossing we are referring to a blind deboss (no foil).

Fluted Die (££££)

Also known as a combination die, this is where we are able to foil press & create an embossed effect in one press. This adds a sense of luxury, and is a wonderfully tactile finish, combining two processes in one.

Laser Cutting / Engraving (£)

We offer in-house laser cutting & engraving services. A laser beam is used to cut / engrave materials such as paper, wood, & acrylic to name a few. Can be used it instead of die-cutting, for short, decorative runs.

UV Printing (££)

Specialised inks are applied to a variety of materials, & dried quickly using UV Lights. Allowing us to print on a variety of materials (wood, ceramic, acrylic & faux leather etc). We also offer Spot UV Varnish.

Letterpress (£££)

**Coming Soon! A polymer plate is inked & pressed into the paper, leaving a beautiful deep impression. Creates a beautiful texture, & can be combined with other finishes. Works well on lighter coloured papers (350gsm+)


"Thank you for the effort you’re putting into your work and for making such unique items."

It was so easy working with Molly & Tom, just as if I was talking to my friends. They're incredibly understanding.


Our Curated Papers

Colorpan | 350gsm, 540gsm & 700 gsm

Colorplan papers are a premium uncoated stock, refined in the paper making process for print performance, As well as being fully recyclable and biodegradable, Colorplan has a FSC certification, meaning the pulps are all from manages forests. it is also Heavy Metal Free and, because the bleaching process avoids the use of harmful coloring. it is classified ECF.

Extract | 380gsm

A studio favourite - this paper is made using CupCycling technology, and is actually made from recycled coffee cups. Every sheet of Extract in 380gsm paper contains at least 5 upcycled coffee cups (made from 90% waste coffee cups).

Specialty Papers | Various Weights

We have a variety of speciality papers, ranging from Cotton Papers, recycled papers (marked with *) to Handmade Paper & Seed Papers

Handmade Papers | Various Weights

Handmade papers are made sheet by sheet, not in a continuous roll. Cotton fibres / recycled paper pulp( suspended in water) are poured onto a paper mould - which is a hand held wooden frame with a stainless steel wire mesh draining surface. The characteristic deckle edges of the sheet of paper come from the slippage of pulp between the deckle and the mould.

Seed Paper | Ultimate Zero Waste Solution, Some Papers Can Be Planted

**Limited Availability! It is important to bear in mind, that these papers are handmade. They are not uniform, and can lead to slight imperfections when printing. We feel that this adds to the beauty & authenticity of the product.


"I wanted something that was not only beautiful, but also practical."

Every part of my packaging is now very intentional & for the first time, I felt like I have a brand identity. I’ve had so many great compliments.


Our Curated Envelopes

Our Standard range of envelopes are available in C6, C5 and DL.
Available Finishes : Digital Print (50+) | Embossed (500+) | Foiled (500)+
**Other Colours & sizes available upon special request.

Our Curated Foil Colours

Digital Foil | Limited Colours

We have selected a beautiful range of digital foils. These are our most popular colours, but special colours are available on request.

Curated Hot Foils

We have carefully selected our most popular foil colours. We have a wide range to choose from, so for custom projects we will help you select the perfect foil to compliment your brand.
You get various types of foil - namely metallic, gloss & pigment foils (which are matt and give a similar effect to letterpress).


“Made from the heart”

Stacey and Justin at Molly and Tom are talented, professional and a delight to work with. They put so much thought and care into what they create for you, that you won’t find anything like it anywhere else.


Other Print Media

We can print on a variety of Materials using UV Printing & Other Printing Technology.










Printing Limitations

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