Hi, we're Stacey & Justin!


We are passionate about bringing your brand story to life

We want to work with purpose driven creatives who value their clients and want to create a long-lasting connection. We want to make sure your packaging reflects your brand values. These days everything is visual!! We want to help you stand out amongst a sea of visual communication, and help you create a tangible client experience. It important for your brand idealolgy to be reflected in your packaging, so that you can create a bond with your ideal client.

Choose key pieces that speak to your brand values, keep in mind the materials used and how these align with your brand values. Just adding a little something unexpected to show gratitude goes a long way.

We're the Founders of Molly & Tom

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Our Small studio is based in the North of England. We love working with client centric service based businesses to create memorable experiences! 

** Our 1:1 Custom Packaging Service is only available to businesses based in the UK. But we can work with clients worldwide to develop a strategic branded Client Experience.

Our Office Hours are Tuesday - Friday 9am-3pm


Would you like to create a more meaningful Client Experience?