Reasons to define your core values, before choosing your packaging

Before you decide on your ideal client, and how you will differentiate yourself amongst competitors you need to define your brands core values.

 This is also true when choosing your packaging.

Think about what you want your brand to stand for, what impression would you like to leave your clients?

Often, we are unclear of exactly who we are targeting – wouldn’t it be easier to try and attract like-minded people, who have similar or the same core values.

If you don’t have these values defined, how can you possibly know who to target on a deeper level.

Let’s say, you are a wedding photographer. Think about five keywords you would use to describe your brand:

For example






 Now think about who you are, and what you stand for? Are you a fun loving free spirit, who wants your couples to feel relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera? Do you like adventure, and naturally attract couples who love more non-traditional weddings?

What do you value? Perhaps its making your couples feel special, like you’ve known them forever and you are more of a friend than a service provider. Authenticity is one of your core brand values, as well as respecting and paying tribute to nature. Maybe you value being outdoors and that’s something you bring across in your imagery.

Now let’s think about these values in terms of packaging. So, if you are a free spirit and lover of nature you probably like more neutral tones.  

 So perhaps something like our taupe print box would work for you.

Image Taken by C&G Weddings

Image Taken by C&G Weddings

You also love effortless packaging, with an organic and bohemian feel – so something like our Cotton Furoshiki wraps could perfectly suit your brand values, and because you want to be authentic and offer your clients something personal andan heirloom to treasure forever, you could include a chestnut faux leather print pouch. 


 Let’s go a step further and think about your prints – rough textured hand deckled prints could perfectly reflect your brand values. Soft natural edges, slightly imperfect and reflective of nature. Think even deeper, to this sort of unbound album, and how this suit’s your free-spirited nature – unbound from the confines of an album.


If you are struggling on how to translate your core values into your packaging, get in touch for a free packaging proposal, perfectly suited towards your brand and aesthetic

Stacey Brebner