Luxury packaging Ideas

Whether you are a small online retailer or a photographer delivering your clients images. One things for sure – you need to consider the unboxing or unveiling experience you give your clients.  

If you are a luxury photographer or retailer, your packaging aesthetic needs to match your clients’ expectations.

 Having luxury packaging can enhance your customers experience and increase repeat sales. Chance are once they have had the thrill of unveiling one of your packages, they will want to experience the same delight.

Here are some of our best-selling luxury products:


- Chiffon Ribbon -

Soft and romantic, running this fabric through your hands instantly conveys a sense of luxury. The delicate details of the frayed edges communicate the indulgent, luxe nature of your product.


- Foiled stickers -

Make your products look more prestigious by using indulgent finishing techniques such as foiling to show that you sell high-end exclusive products or services. 


- Glass Keepsake box -

Nothing creates a sense of luxury, more than a perfectly hand crafted glass heirloom box, with soft fine art prints elegantly housed inside.


Taupe Print Box:

Movement and layering can help create a sense of luxury. We love how our print boxes are made from only the best quality materials. The Acrylic lid, allows your client to have a sneak peek inside, before opening the box to feel the soft double satin ribbon nestled on top of the natural matte fine art prints (which are gorgeously silky smooth). They then lift the prints to reveal another layer of acrylic, gently covering a beautiful personalized image and crystal USB, with delicate laser engraving. 


Hand Deckled Cotton Fine Art Prints:

I don’t even know where to start with these one of a kind prints. There is something so satisfying about a perfectly torn edge on paper, now pair it with your most stunning images and you are sold. You are not only mimicking handmade paper edges but you are recreating the whole definition of selling something more than just an image printed onto paper. This is an art an extra element added to increase the tactile experience as well as the visual excitement. 


Stacey Brebner