Why I started offering Client Experience Audits, what they are, and how they help?

Why I started offering Client Experience Audits, what they are, and how they help?

What even is a Client Experience Audit - you might be saying? Well it’s something that has developed organically over the years, through common questions we get asked over and over again. The main question being “ I want to deliver a beautiful welcome gift to my clients, but don't know where to start” or “ I have seen so many beautiful products on your website, but I don't know how to pull everything together for my final delivery”

And while we could sit down and create a beautiful gift or surprise to send your clients, I started to get the feeling that something was missing, and that this feeling of not knowing what to do needed to be analysed waaaaaay before you even think of adding tangible elements to your Client experience strategy.

I don't believe in doing anything without purpose - if you are sending a gift out for the sake of it, or because everyone else is doing it, I would really encourage you to take a moment and think if this is truly adding value to your business & to your clients lives?

You need to take a step back and first decide on what type of experience you would like to create for your clients. And before you can do this, you need to be really clear on your brand's purpose, values and how you would like to position yourself within your market. After that you need to discover who your clients are, what do they love, what do they hate? Because the “things” you are sending out could be negatively impacting your business or not really having much of an effect at all.

For example, if your client is a busy working mum, chances are she’s not going to get a chance to read your beautifully designed welcome magazine (she just won't have the time). She might find it easier to digest the info if you sent it to her as an audio file that she could listen to while doing the dishes or folding the laundry. Or if you send her a sequence of emails every week leading up to working with you, so that she has time to read all the wonderfully helpful tips you are sending her.

So where do we start when deciding what tangible elements to bring into our client experience strategy?


As with most business decisions, it all starts with your brand's purpose and values! Why do you do what you do? There must be a love or a passion behind what you do, otherwise you wouldn't be doing this crazy thing called “running a small business”. Don't overthink it, it could be something as simple as empowering other women to feel beautiful in the skin they are in. In which case, if you are a coach or a brand photographer, you could centre your entire Client experience around this purpose. Instead of sending out a generic thank you card with your logo, you could send out an affirmation card or a permission slip for your client to indulge in a little bit of self care. Do you see how you are still sending out the same card, but it has purpose & intention behind it


This is the part that we sometimes forget about (I've been there), we tend to get a bit inwardly focussed in our business, and only think about our needs and desires of what we want our business to do for us. But let's take a moment to remember that none of this is possible without our lovely clients. Don't  reduce their meaning to followers, avatars and conversions, they are humans and we want to create rich experiences for them. Quickly go grab a piece of paper & fold it in half, on the one side right things that your clients LOVE and what they HATE.

Once you know this, you can make sure that the items or experiences you deliver actually add value to their lives.


If you are sending things out to your clients because everyone else is, or because you bought a template, then chances are you are providing the same or very similar type of experience as others in your industry. Your client's experience is an opportunity to make yourself stand out from the crowd and offer your clients something that can't be found anywhere else.

So be really clear on what type of experience you would like to provide, and make sure that it aligns with your brand purpose, and with what you clients LOVE.


Now you can go and map out your client journey!  Think about all the touchpoints you have along the way with your clients. From the moment they find out about you, to when they reach out and enquire about your services. All the way to the very end when you finally wrap up your service. If you need help with this, our GUIDE is really helpful to map out your client journey.

It's only once you have truly thought about these four things, that you should be deciding what tangible elements you should include in your Client Experience Strategy.

Remember that while you might not be having negative client experiences, an average or expected experience, will have very little impact on your clients & business! 

By designing purposeful experiences throughout your client journey, you can protect your energy, create space and meaning in your business and feel more connected to your clients & your work.

This is why I created our CLIENT EXPERIENCE AUDIT. So that we could guide you through the process of designing your signature brand experience.  Because sometimes it's difficult to figure this all out for yourself, especially when you are so close to what you do.

We are here to help facilitate and guide you in creating magic within your process. We will dig deep into your purpose and brand values, Incorporate your voice, experience and sprinkle this into your client journey. 

This isn't about copying someone else's workflow or welcome guide, this is about taking a birds eye view of your business and seeing things from your client's perspective. While being mindful of your own boundaries, vision and intention for your business.

So if you are looking to improve your Client Experience, I hope this has helped and started to open you up to all the creative ways you can surprise & delight your Clients. And if you want our advice & someone to collaborate with, you can find out a little more info on our CLIENT EXPERIENCE AUDIT.

Would you like to create a more meaningful Client Experience?