Why Giving Your Clients Print Proofs Can Generate Additional Income

Why Giving Your Clients Print Proofs Can Generate Additional Income

Although increasing your print sales will automatically increase your revenue – charging more and including proof prints can also increase your value in your client’s mind, and also helps you target a better quality clientele.

Would you prefer a client who couldn’t see the value of printing their images? How do they perceive your value as an artist?

By giving your clients something tangible to hold onto, they are automatically creating a connection to those images. It’s easy to stare at a screen and think, oh yes,I should get these printed, but it’scompletely different once you hold the images in your hands and see how they convey a sense of emotion. You stop, pause and stare, rather than just flicking through them on your screen. You have more than one sense involved. You also have touch, running your fingertips over the print almost being able to hold them closer to your hug (inserting the visual of your client hugging their MacBook while looking at your images – not quite the same is it?)

You don’t have to prove the quality of your product offering; the prints will speak for themselves.

Also don’t forget, if your client has guests round for dinner, she is less likely to bring out her laptop to show her family & Friends her gorgeous wedding photos. But if she has a beautiful keepsake box on display, it would be a conversation starter, and no doubt she will be raving about your services. This could lead to more print sales from the bride’s grandmother, or a lifestyle session booked by her sister. 


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