Top 5 Photography Packaging Tips

Top 5 Photography Packaging Tips

How much thought have you given to your photography packaging? 

Just because your share digital files, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be thinking of something tangible to give your clients 

All too often, photographers choose packaging based on price and not necessarily based on their brand.

Let’s say your photography style is light and airy, you love soft light rather than dark and dramatic tones. Then why would you order a dark wood box?

Wouldn’t you rather want something that compliments your style and brand? What about a beautiful light grey box, with acrylic lid and glass USB? 

Perhaps, you would like to give your clients something tangible, a keepsake to hold onto.

Consider a beautiful faux leather pouch, with 10 fine art Giclee prints. Introducing your clients to the beauty of fine art prints, and how they are different to the ones that would be printed at their local high street printer.

 On the other hand, think about ways to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Nowadays, most photographers offer online galleries. But what if you could offer your clients more. Think about a proof box with proof prints. You could hand deliver these to your clients, along with your album samples and really show them how important it is to print their photographs. And how they can transform from screen into a tangible piece of art. Also, consider what the mother of the bride’s reaction would be when seeing her daughter’s special day in print. This could lead to more print sales and increased revenue for your business.


Our Top 5 Tips to Choose Your Photography Packaging

1. Consider Your Brand and Photography Style When Selecting the Perfect Presentation Box

Think about the feeling or experience you want your client to have when they receive a gift, product from you.

2. Think about the Type of Experience You Would Like To Create for Your Client

Do you want to get them excited about printing their photos, do you want them to leap for joy and tell all their friends and family that they had the most wonderfully thoughtful photographer who they would highly recommend?

3. Can You Use This to Increase Sales? 

By offering your clients proof prints, will you be able to encourage them to print more, and ultimately see your worth as a photographer and artist. 

4. Create an Experience

This is the perfect opportunity to complete your customer experience. Obviously, it’s important to be mindful of the additional costs involved, but if you are selling a luxury experience, make sure your presentation matches this expectation. 

5. Find a Great Company to Work With

See if they are flexible and able to create packaging that suits your brand. Do they offer a wide variety of options and supplies? The more you can do with one company, the less you will have to pay in shipping costs, and you will be able to create a more cohesive look. 


Are you looking for small scale artisanal packaging to enhance your brand? Get in touch, we would love to help communicate your brand value & aesthetic through our intentional packaging products.



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