Online Store Packaging Ideas

Online Store Packaging Ideas

Do you have an online store, and have no idea where to start when it comes to choosing your packaging? The first place to start is to define your ideal client. We have a whole post dedicated to this subject – read here.

Once you have the look & feel defined. Let’s think of physical products you need:

1. Shipping Boxes

Don’t ever underestimate the power of a quality shipping box. If you are starting out, or a photographer that sends out small number of parcels, we have tons of ways you can personalize your shipping boxes. 

Take a look at these boxes we personalized for Rodo Creative.

2. Tags

Tags are a great way to brand your products. Not only can they provide your client with additional care information, but they can also add a more luxurious and memorable packaging experience.

We have done so many beautiful tags recently, but one of our favourites must be these swing tags done for Eleanor Bowmer.

3. Stickers

Another simple and cost effective way to brand your products & packaging. We love these rose gold stickers we did for Journeys bound. Which are extremely versatile and can be used in many different ways.

4. Thank You Cards

Let’s just be clear, this shouldn’t be an extra, it is an essential. A thank you card shows your clients that you care, and that you really appreciate them shopping small and supporting your small business dream. 

We really love these handmade paper thank you cards done for Sugar Plum Bakes.

5. Ribbons

Ribbons are a great way to add subtle branding to your packaging. Our Chiffon ribbons have soft delicate frayed edges, and are perfect for branding shoots, small bespoke products and to wrap your prints.

Look at these gorgeous pink chiffon ribbons we did for Helen Russel Photography.

6. Cotton Bags

Another multipurpose packaging option are cotton bags. They come in a variety of sizes. We do small cotton bags that are perfect for jewelers and photographers. 

We love the luxe finish, with the silver mirror, branded cotton bags done for Reneé Jewellery. 


Are you looking for small scale artisanal packaging to enhance your brand? Get in touch, we would love to help communicate your brand value & aesthetic through our intentional packaging products.


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