How to Have Ethically Sources Packaging

How to Have Ethically Sources Packaging

Are you a small business, looking for ways to reduce your waste, and have ethically sourced packaging & corporate stationery? 

There is no denying there is a serious problem when it comes to climate change and the effects of consumers on the planet. This is causing businesses to take a hard look at their products and manufacturing processes to see what impact they are having on the environment.

As a small business - you have the control & power to make a big impact. One of the ways you can reduce your footprint is by having ethical & sustainable packaging.


Here are our top tips to having more sustainable packaging.

1. Reduce the Amount of Waste

Don’t have unnecessary packaging. Think about your products and try and get boxes / mailers that fit your products so that there is no need for excess fillers.

2. Re-Use Before Your Recycle

Do you get a lot of deliveries from your suppliers or amazon? Why not save their packaging? In our studio, we make sure to keep the eco pellets & extra boxes that we receive, and reuse them when sending large orders.

3. Collect & Repurpose

Perhaps you received a beautiful bouquet of flowers? Why not dry those flowers and include this in your packaging?

4. Use Sustainable Papers

We have a fantastic range of papers that are made from 100% post-consumer waste, or recycled coffee cups (how cool is that). Be sure to inform your packaging company of your desire to have more ethically sourced stationery. You would be surprised how many eco-friendly paper options there are.

5. Double Up

Instead of including a thank you card & info card, try and combine the two. Better yet make your thank you card so beautiful & personal that people will automatically want to keep it and not toss it in the bin.

You don’t have to eliminate packaging from your business to make it more sustainable. Just make sure that you reduce the amount of unnecessary waste, and try and be conscious of the materials used in your packaging.


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