How to Deliver Your Client's Photographs

How to Deliver Your Client's Photographs

As a photographer or even just a business owner, we know that it is hard work attracting your ideal clients.  

It takes years of effort, building your reputation as a professional, and honing your skills. Not to mention all the hours spent perfecting your website, workflows and initial client meetings. 

But there is one piece of the puzzle that often gets overlooked. And that’s creating a tangible extension of your brand. If you are able to successfully create an extension of your client’s experience through packaging or gifting, it will certainly go a long way. 

We believe that your process should not just end once you have securely booked a date, but it should carry on long past. It’s a massively exciting journey once you agree to connect and work with someone, and it takes hours of prep work in order to achieve the smoothest day possible from your side. Then it takes days’ worth of editing, making sure you have captured the perfect shot, angle and moment. I’m sure by now you think all the work is done – right?

NO, not quite! 

Take some time and think about it. You have created a streamlined process in order to create the best possible experience. And then proceed to send your clients images digitally, or with some packaging that really says very little about you or what you create as an artist?

We are here to tell you, that you need to pay more attention to how you deliver your client’s images. We know more and more photographers are offering their clients albums & prints which is a fantastic way to encourage your clients to print their photos, as well as a way to generate more sales.

BUT, let’s think about how you can complete your client experience, and take their breath away. We believe that by including something tangible when delivering your images, you can create a personal connection with them and will be guaranteed to get raving reviews (which we all know are key to any successful small business).


Here are five creative ways to deliver your images, to your clients:

1. A Beautiful, Hand-Crafted USB Box

This is the perfect way to deliver digital images to your clients, something that can be treasured for many years to come. 

2. A Print Pouch

We suggest slowly introducing your clients to the fine art world. Perhaps a small sample of ten prints, presented in a beautiful faux leather pouch. This is a small gesture and may even help you increase your print sales. 

3. Handmade Clay Bowl

We really love this idea, something a little less traditional. We handmake our bowls in studio, and include a special touch, with your logo pressed into the bottom of the bowl.

4. Glass Heirloom Box

Nothing creates a sense of luxury, quite like a perfectly hand-crafted glass heirloom box, with soft fine art prints elegantly housed inside. You could even personalise these with your client’s name, making it a beautiful piece to display in their home.

5. Personalised Print Box

Your clients may feel that albums are a bit out of date. Whereas a keepsake box can be enjoyed and shared amongst the entire family. Visualize your couples sitting around a coffee table with their friends and family, passing these beautiful prints around the room, thinking back to their special day.  

Think about including these as part of your packages, rather than selling them as a add on. We promise they will increase your customer experience, and lead to referrals. 

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