How to create an authentic brand

How to create an authentic brand

I think one thing the current season of our lives has brought us, is being one step closer to our truest authentic selves. Free from all the disruptions, busyness and chaos that surrounds our daily life. For a few weeks there has just been silence.

At first the silence was terrifying - this coming from a person that loves to just sit still, and listen to the rustle of the trees. Even this was too silent & still for me. It's almost as if time has frozen, this particular moment to truly reflect on who we are and what we hold dear.

What did you discover about yourself during this season? 

For me, is that authenticity, family and stillness are the things I hold most dear. I must admit that those first few weeks of lockdown, I was frozen, stuck and couldn't move. I am a person who generally suffers from a great deal of anxiety - this was beyond my obsessive doubts and fears, and yet I managed to stay calm. 

Calm in the fact that I had faith that everything would work out as it should, and in knowing that all I needed to do was find something useful to do with this time. So i looked back on my notes section on my phone - where I write down things that our clients tell us, what they struggle with, questions we get asked repeatedly. I like to keep these for when I have a spare moment to write a blog post that could possibly help.

And what I found over and over again, was that I think people knew what made them and their business special - but they didn't really know how to express this and create an authentic brand.

I think if we are truly honest with ourselves, we have all been on that comparison train, scrolling through instagram, seeing how everyone else is “ doing it” or getting it right. Thinking that they have the answer and somehow we don't. But what if all the answers are inside of us all along, we just maybe aren't asking ourselves the right questions?

For me, a brand is so much more than your logo. It's more than your ideal client too, it's more than that. It's relatively simple. Basically what it all boils down to is the problem you solve for your client and how you solve it.

I believe that's the key ingredient - how you solve it. I would love to tell you that our packaging is the solution you are missing. But the truth is, it is only a part of it. You cannot truly create a brand, logo, imagery  or packaging that connects with others until you discover how it all connects with you, and how only you can solve a problem in your unique way.

Only you have those answers within you.

So I started to create a guide - at first this was for myself. I created it as a reminder of what Molly and Tom means to us, and how we can be our most authentic selves.

As I wrote a little more, I could see how much value this guide could offer others. Perhaps you are a serial course taker like me, perhaps you are starting out or perhaps you have been doing this for a while, and need a little reminder of what your brand is all about. I am sharing this guide especially for you!

To be 100% honest it’s also to prove to myself that there are people in this world who believe business is more than just buying and selling, it’s about connection & purpose. It’s about self expression and creating meaning in this world. It’s for the 30+ woman in me who chose to take the leap of faith and pour her heart and soul into her third business instead of completing her final MBA module - because her family & self fulfilment were worth more than a title & a “secure” job.

This guide has over 80+ pages of questions, which will ultimately lead you to providing more value for your clients, improve your overall client experience, infuse a little piece of your heart & soul into your brand and most importantly be there to reference when things get dark, and you lose your way.

Who I created this for:

I created this for the talented creative, who knows they have so much to offer this world, but they just don't know the way to express themselves, in a way that will truly connect with their ideal client. For the serial rebrander, who just can't quite seem to create a brand that truly connects. For the creative soul, who has so much passion and knowledge to share, but they have never been to business school and who feels as if they are missing some basic foundational principles . And most importantly, the small business owner, the quiet one, too afraid to shine. I created this especially for you, to show how much magic you have inside, and how to use this magic to make other people's light shine bright. 

This is for you if…

You are just starting out, and have no idea what’s involved in creating a meaningful brand. Maybe you don't have the money to invest in your brand identity, but you definitely want to create a brand that connects with people, and makes you stand out.

You are feeling a little directionless, and not really sure what additional value you can offer your clients. Other than the actual service / product you provide.

You want to stop feeling as if you are just another service provider in an oversaturated market,

You are feeling exhausted, like things are too difficult, or you feel as if you and your business arent 100% aligned.

You wish you had gone to business school, so you could figure all this branding stuff out for once and for all.

You have rebranded a few times, and you still don't feel like you got the result you craved, and your brand isn't connecting with your ideal client.

This guide includes:

PART 1 : Helping you discover your vision, values and purpose.

We dive deep into understanding your purpose, and the unique magic you have to offer your clients. We discover your authentic values, create boundaries so you feel comfortable in your marketing / business, discover your brand personality (ensuring it aligns with you, and the way you feel comfortable communicating). I also help you create a vision board for your brand, so that you have something visual to refer back to when making decisions & creating content. 

PART 2: I introduce you to brand strategy

I help you conduct a competitor analysis - and not an unhealthy comparison analysis, but ways of looking at your competition, and see what gaps there are within your niche. And how you can stand out more. I also show you how to do a SWOT analysis, and how to turn your strengths and weaknesses into opportunities, and minimise any threats. I help you get to know your ideal client, and not their age, hobbies and favourite colour - but we get into their psyche and identify their needs, how and why they are struggling, and how you can craft your service around their needs. This leads us to discovering your USP (unique selling proposition), or as I like to call it your magic.

Part 3: This is the part you are probably more familiar with, your brand identity.

Yes that's right, your logo, colour palette and imagery were only one small section to creating your brand. We help you choose designs, layouts, colour and imagery that help solidify your brand messaging. You don't even need a new logo - you can use what you have to create a brand that truly connects. As Jeff Bezos said “Your brand is what other people say about you when you're not in the room”. You want to make sure they are saying the right thing.

PART 4: This is where we help you craft your unique client experience.

We look into your customer journey, and how you can create additional value, over and above the actual product or service you sell. We guide you on how to infuse your brand personality into your client experience, and how to add personal touches that actually add value.

PART 5: Is all about implementing.

In this short & final section, we guide you on how to implement everything you have learnt in this guide, to have an authentic brand, that aligns with you, and makes you feel confident in the value you are able to offer your clients. 

As Maya Angelou famously said - “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

What results you will see

After completing the guide you will have more clarity on what makes you special as a person & brand. You will know the best ways to communicate with your audience. What feels in alignment with your natural personality? You would have gained some in depth analysis of your market, competitors and your ideal client. You will be able to connect with your clients on a deeper level - and offer them an additional level of value. You will be able to stand out and let your magic shine. You will also finally know what it takes to have a truly authentic brand. One that is far beyond a beautiful logo & pretty colour palette. 

For a long time, I tried to replicate what others did. Feeling frustrated as to how they were ‘making it’ and I was not. I had to find my own space, my own voice and magic that could make my brand sparkle.

I truly believe that we all have something that makes us sparkle, and as long as we find that piece of magic and make that shine bright within our brand we will always manage to connect with others. There is no one else like us in the world, and it's all about making the different pieces of our lives and business fit together to make this beautiful brand that will evolve and change as we do. 

Doing this work won't require you to have the perfect logo, the most eye catching colour palette or the best looking website. Once you start to fill in all the blanks and weave together all the elements of your brand, these things will hold so much more meaning and be so much more powerful. 


Would you like to create a more meaningful Client Experience?