Explaining the Value of Printing Your Photos

Explaining the Value of Printing Your Photos

I have often mentioned this, that when Justin and I got married six years ago we just didn’t truly understand the value of printing our wedding photos. 

 Honesty there was so much going on when planning our wedding, I think it was just the last thing we even considered spending money on. And I wish we had. That and a videographer, but I will get into that another day  

“The problem was, we were young and living in a digital world. We didn’t think, gosh in six years from now we would have moved more than 4 times and we could easily misplace our wedding CDs or even worse that in six years time not a single computer we owned would have a CD rom drive. “

So think about this when you are trying to convey value to your clients about why they should invest in printing their images, and having heirlooms to hold onto for years to come.

Think about that favourite vase or painting in your house. How much joy does it bring you when looking at it? When you move, you would use almost an entire roll of bubble wrap protecting it and making sure its wrapped safely. Now think about the number of unlabeled CDs or USBs you have lying around your house? Do you think you would have the same reaction to these? No, why would you? But think if the USB was displayed in a beautiful keepsake box, with 25 of the most special prints that are out on display for you to look at and enjoy. Suddenly you have given these images more value.

Life gets busy, and you may not always think to look at your wedding images. But imagine you have a beautiful fine art print on your wall. How often would you walk past it and think back to your most magical day. Or perhaps you are having a fight with your husband, and then you look up at that beautiful print on the wall. Suddenly you are reminded of all the things you love about your husband. That is the true value of print. And you need to constantly communicate this value to your couples.

They need to be educated, and it’s your job as a professional to communicate this value. To show them the value past a monetary sense. Because after all those memories and images are truly priceless. 


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