Enhancing Your Brand Through Packaging

Enhancing Your Brand Through Packaging

Are you thinking about changing your packaging? Perhaps you are feeling a bit confused and lost on where to start. Here are some useful tips, to help you create the perfect packaging to suit your brand. 

1. Define Your Ideal Client

Often, it’s the simplest step that gets overlooked. I know you know their age, what their likes are but try and dig a little deeper. Think about what they would wear (would they be casual cool, perhaps they are more natural – and would wear mostly linen or cotton), perhaps they are glamorous, and they would wear very luxurious fabrics such as silk or cashmere. 

This is one of the best places to start, when choosing your packaging.

Let’s think about a natural, very organic brand. Their clients may be more conscious about sustainability and the environment. So, you may choose Kraft paper / boxes, linen ribbon and recycled paper.

Perhaps your clients are the jeans & crisp white t-shirt type – then you could possibly look at very minimalist packaging design – think embossed thank-you cards, or white tissue paper and a gold foil sticker.

2. Think of Your Packaging as an Experience

Start to visualize your client opening your package. I try to think of it as a game of pass the parcel. The excitement builds, as you peal it back layer by layer.

So, first think about the shipping box.  That’s your first opportunity to create excitement. Perhaps you will have just your logo on the box, maybe a sticker, telling them that something amazing is inside.

 Next, I always like to include a cover layer, perhaps some tissue paper or some eco-friendly bubble wrap (to protect delicate items, and to save the earth). You can pop a little thank you card on top of that (there is nothing that will increase your client experience and elevate your brand like a thank you card). If you are a really bespoke brand, you could even hand write your thank you cards for an extra special touch.

Next, you could wrap your actual product. The more layers the best, all of this builds up the anticipation of opening the product. Some branded ribbon, could really help elevate your packaging.

3. Consider Your Brand Values

As I mentioned previously, make sure your packaging reflects your brand values. Are you all about quality and luxury. You must make sure your packaging reflects that. Think about when you go to a high-end store – and the cashier wraps your gorgeous new coat in the most luxurious paper, with a branded sticker. The label is foil pressed on a think, luxurious card stock. Its put in a perfectly sized carrier bag, branded with the clothing labels brand so you walk out of the store with your head held high, flashing that bag around because it represents all that’s inside. That’s exactly the experience you want to create for your clients. 

4. Consider Your Brand's Colour Palette

If your brand is very monochromatic, let that show in your packaging. If your brand is all about being fun and whimsical, let this be reflected in your packaging. Bright colours, holographic foil and quirky prints can echo your brand values & style.

5. Use Your Packaging as Another Form of Marketing

Be aware that we live in the age of social media, where everything is shared online. If you have stand-out packaging, chances are your client will post about them opening your parcel and the product inside. This is the best form of marketing, as its endorsed by someone who your new potential client knows and trusts. 

Your packaging is the easiest way to communicate all that your brand stands for, so don’t let it be an after though. Be intentional about the materials you use, the finishing techniques and most importantly who your client is and their values. 


Are you looking for small scale artisanal packaging to enhance your brand? Get in touch, we would love to help communicate your brand value & aesthetic through our intentional packaging products.



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