Building Connections through your client experience

Building Connections through your client experience

As I finish completing the final forms for our daughters reception class, I think back to my early years at school. I never really cared for school as a child, I was far too busy daydreaming and interested in things that had nothing to do with Maths or Science. BUT there are two teachers who stand out so clearly in my memory as a child. It was my 2nd grade (year two) teacher - Mrs Fermani and my business economics teacher in High School Mrs Prinsloo (I think that's secondary school here - I still have so much to learn). One of the things that really stands out about my business economics teacher and why it soon became my favourite subject in school is she had a way of connecting with us - that other teachers could never seem to do. She broke down the barriers between students and teachers and really got down to our level and taught in a way that we connected to and related to. Not like some teachers who were awkward, and tried to be cool, she was super strict, but she would also let her hair down, be a bit rebellious by blaring loud music in class, and get us all up and out of our seats and involved when explaining the theories and principles behind what she taught.

This made me think of how 18 years later I can still remember what she taught me, what her class looked like and how she made business fun and exciting.

Can you remember people or experiences that have just stood out in your mind for years and years. Why do you think that is? I personally think it's the way these people make you feel. How they can become so connected and interested in your struggles, feelings and emotions that it made a profound impact in your mind.

I think this is such a good principle and idea to bring into your client experience. It's all about the connection you are able to make with your clients. How you can sense their struggles, dig deeper than the product or service they need and actually see into their psychological needs, what their internal & emotional struggles are and how you can best serve them.

The deeper you can dig, the better your client experience can be. 

I think one thing this season of our lives has taught us is how important connection and trust are within our business and personal lives. With this in mind I have created a little workbook to help you create an emotional and meaningful client experience. This will result in your brand becoming more known for the results and the way you make people feel, rather than your prices, your photography style and what is included in your packages.

You can Download the Guide HERE

For now I will leave you with another one of my favourite Brené Brown Quotes:

“I define connection as the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they can give and receive without judgment; and when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship.”

― Brené Brown

Would you like to create a more meaningful Client Experience?