A new season at Molly & Tom

A new season at Molly & Tom

If you have been subscribed to our newsletter for a while, you probably have a pretty good idea of the challenges we have faced over the past 12 months, and how they have impacted our business. I know each and every one of us has been impacted in different ways, and it has brought up a lot of deeper questions & thoughts for many of us. And while it has been difficult, now that we are on the other side of it, we have so much clarity on the new direction we would like to steer our business in. 

It's more of an evolution, as opposed to a complete change - but most importantly it is guided by our values and staying true to who we are! And, of course, how we can best serve YOU!

To be honest, I think the decision was made a long time ago (even before Covid), but it took a little while to grant ourselves permission to steer the business in a new direction. While we LOVE making beautiful packaging for our clients we started to realise that there was so much more to your stories that we wanted to unearth & discover. We started helping people create something tangible for their brand, but we soon realised that we were only helping with part of the story. We were eager to know more.

We got email after email saying that people wanted to add something tangible to their final delivery, but either didn't know where to start, what to choose, or how it fits in with the feeling they are trying to convey to their clients. I tried to develop packages to help curate & tie details together but still, there was a thread missing. 

This is when I realised that you needed more than just products to send to your clients for your final delivery. You need help on a deeper level to create a signature branded experience that can nurture & grow your client relationships, strengthen the impact of  your work and create experiences that will be spoken about for years to come!

Our business started as a brand who made pretty products to send to your Clients, or to offer as an alternative to albums & wooden boxes BUT IT HAS GROWN INTO A WAY OF BRINGING YOUR BRAND STORY TO LIFE THROUGH YOUR CLIENT EXPERIENCE.

To be honest it makes so much sense now that I can see the thread running through the past 10 years. At the core Justin and I have always been passionate about telling people's stories (first through weddings, and now at Molly & Tom).

So how will things be changing?

The first decision we have made is to password protect our Online Store. This will help us serve our loyal & existing client base with the products we have online. If you have been an existing customer, nothing will change, you will receive a password where you can access our store.  

The next part of our news includes some NEW & EXCITING WAYS OF WORKING WITH US!!


Our Client Experience Audit is perfect for you if you are looking to improve the value & experience you offer your Clients. We Dive Deep into your brand values and purpose, your current workflow & processes and unearth ways of connecting with your clients, supporting & nurturing them through every phase of the client journey, and looking for ways you can enhance your service and create a strategy around the experience & value you are able to provide.

We highly recommend doing a client experience audit with us first, before working on your packaging, as this allows us to dive deeper into your client journey and create packaging around key strategic touchpoints.


We don't believe in printing or creating without purpose! For us, a brand is not just a logo, it’s your entire brand communication strategy, the experience you create and the impressions you leave behind! You may not realise it BUT how you present your work, the print finishes you choose, and small tangible brand touchpoints you deliver can speak towards your values & ethos.

That is why we want to work with you 1:1 to create a memorable impression for your customers, through intentional presentation packaging and stationery.


Using the amazing power of DUBSADO, we want to help you create a seamless client experience (TAILORED TO YOUR BRAND)! An experience that makes your clients happy, and leaves you free to focus on your creativity & enjoy a slow, simple life! We know that you want to offer your clients an amazing experience, but it's not always easy to implement (especially when your to-do list keeps getting longer & longer). We can help you create a process and structure in your business so that you can deliver a consistent service to all your clients. By working together we can create a process that is inline with your values, deepens the connection to your clients and your work and leaves you with more free time to focus on the things that bring you JOY within your business. 

So that’s it - that is our news! It feels so good to have made the decision to move forward and let our business evolve in this way. It feels really natural and I am sure it will continue to grow & develop as we do!

If you have any questions about our new services, or how the online store will work, please feel free to send me an email (I really do love hearing from you).


Would you like to create a more meaningful Client Experience?