5 Ways to Increase Your Print Sales

5 Ways to Increase Your Print Sales

In the past few years there has been a shift in how people view the new digital age. Sure, with the increase in technology most things are digital these days, including in the photography world.

Most photographers offer online galleries, and aren’t always focused towards selling their images as prints. BUT you can’t deny that there has been a shift towards people craving something tangible. 

This is evident in the fact that a lot of photographers are now moving back towards film, in order to differentiate themselves and create a more exclusive artistic experience for their clients.

Andit’s not just the photographic world that is making the shift – according to Forbes: 

Vinyl sales grew by double digits last year, moving nearly 10 million units in 2018. Vinyl accounted for an estimated 9.7 million album sales in 2018”

(I use this as an example, because Justin and I have been collecting records since our Uni days, and have noticed in the past five or so years, how much more accessible it is to get new records. (Although, there is still nothing better than looking through a bunch of dusty record piles, trying to find that one gem).

Anyway, getting back to print sales, there is no denying the general population is leaning towards a more tangible experience. So, what better way, to differentiate yourself, than through offering your clients beautiful fine art prints, to display in their home.



Here Are 5 Ways You Can Increase Your Print Sales

1. Create a Sense of Value

Explain to your clients that you are an artist, you are selling your photographs for the emotional attachment your clients will have to them. Let your clients feel the value of a Giclee Print. You are not selling these prints as a fancy piece of paper, but rather as an art piece. You are selling your unique perspective, your art form, and your story-telling abilities.  

If you can create the sense of value in your clients’ mind, it will be an easy sell. And they will jump at the opportunity to see all the products you can offer them. 

2. Offer a Small Sample of Proof Prints to Communicate This Value

We suggest slowly introducing your clients to the fine art world. Perhaps a small sample of ten prints, presented in a beautiful faux leather pouch, or a glass keepsake box, personalized with their name & wedding date. Your clients may feel that albums are a bit out of date. Whereas a keepsake box can be enjoyed and shared amongst the entire family. Visualize your couples sitting around a coffee table with their friends and family, passing these beautiful prints around the room, thinking back to their special day. 

I almost guarantee the mother of the bride and groom are going to want their own keepsake box to gush over with their friends.

3. Alternatives to Albums

You don’t always need to sell full wedding albums. Often people view these as bulky and hard to display in small homes. Why not offer your clients an alternative to an album. A keepsake box, filled with beautiful prints can be displayed on a coffee table and enjoyed more frequently than a traditional wedding album. 

4. Think About Your Client's Lifestyle

Chances are your newlywed couple have already been living together, and don’t need traditional wedding gifts such as toasters and kettles. Why not give wedding guests the opportunity to spoil the couple with their own memories? Perhaps you could offer heirlooms and prints that can be purchased for the couple instead of money. They won’t remember what they bought in two years’ time.

5. Show Them What You Have to Offer

Have physical samples of what you are selling. We especially don’t have minimum order quantities so that you can sample a wide range of our products. Order some samples and take them with you to your meeting (if you do in person sales) or take beautiful imagery of your samples that you regularly post on Instagram communicating the value of printing your images. 


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