5 Reasons Why You Need Business Cards

5 Reasons Why You Need Business Cards

You may be wondering if it’s worth going to all the extra expense & effort to get business cards printed – BUT I am going to give you five reasons why it’s so important, not to forget this small detail!

We truly believe that the business card is the perfect opportunity to leave a lasting impression (no pun intended) on your clients & contacts within your industry.

I like to think of a business card as the window display in a storefront – it’s that small, exciting glimpse from the outside that makes you stop and pay attention, and is the deciding factor whether you walk into the store or not.

A business card, is an opportunity for you to show your potential client or industry friend, what your company is all about. They should include the following info

  • Your Logo
  • Your name (you want to create a personal connection)
  • Contact details (keep it brief, we suggest your email & website)
  • Social media handles (choose 1-2 where you are most active)
  • A small blurb about the problem you solve or what you do

There are other silent things your business card can communicate

  • Your personality - are you a very loud, fun and bubbly person? I would expect to be presented with a bright multi-coloured business card, with hot pink foil!
  • OR are you more introverted and quiet, and drawn to more natural minimalist design? I would expect to get a blind embossed business card on a thick textured card stock with minimal text
  • Your brand values & style - are you a luxury brand? Then I would expect your business card to communicate this.


These are our top five reasons why business cards are so important:

1. They Provide a Brief Snippet of Your Brand Values

The type of layout, paper and finishing technique you use, provide subtle hints as to who you are, and what your company is all about. By using muted colours, minimalist design, printed on natural or recycled paper; you can communicate that you care about the nature, have a simple and relaxed client experience and that your brand offers simple solutions to your client’s problem.

2. To Be Front of Mind

People tend to keep business cards that are beautiful, and where they can see effort has been given into making them. Many clients say they are skipping business cards because they just end up in the bin. We say - well that depends on your card.  Your aim would be that a business card is too beautiful to get rid of; and hopefully people will pin your card in their office or keep them on their desk (keeping you front of mind).

3. Make an Impression

This is a way of making a lasting impression. Imagine your potential new lead looking back at your card - it should be the perfect reminder of who you are and what solution you could offer them.

4. Create a Sense of Closeness

Giving out a business card, creates a bond and a sense of friendship. If you have put a lot of thought into your business cards, they should create a lasting memory for your client.

5. For Networking

Don’t have that awkward moment when someone is interested in your business or service and then you don’t have a card to offer them. Business cards are great for networking events and to leave with fellow industry friends, so that they can refer you.


It’s also important to remember – not all business cards are created equally.

And if you are going to go to the effort of printing your business cards – then make sure they portray the right message (which reflect your brand values). 

By having a digitally printed foil texture, on a thin laminated card, instead of hot foil press on a thick luxurious cardstock, you might be saying to your client that you are not a luxury brand or haven’t put that much thought into your customer experience, and you may cut corners in other areas.  

Remember to chat to your printer - We know that not everyone has the budget for 1000 hot foil pressed business cards with guilt edges, but there may many other ways and finishes that will still portray the image & feeling you are trying to create.

Get in touch with us; if you need help creating business cards that perfectly represent you and your brand!

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