3 Ways to Wow Your Clients

3 Ways to Wow Your Clients

As a small business, you know how wonderful it is to secure a new client, or get a new online order. Justin and I do a little happy dance in our studio, every time we see an order come through. But how can you show your clients how much it means to you?

Here are three simple ways, you can say thanks, and WOW your clients through their entire customer experience:

1. Send Them a Welcome Pack

If you offer a service; or there is a long wait from the time the product / service is purchased to the delivery date, give your clients something tangible while they wait. Often the client has just parted with their hard earned ££, and they are super excited. Sending them a small little guide or gift is the perfect way to make them feel special, and even more excited about the final product.

2. Send Them a Thank You Note

Showing a little bit of gratitude goes a long way. There is nothing more special than receiving a handwritten thank-you note, and is almost guaranteed to be talked about and leave a lasting impression.

3. Send Them a Gift a Couple of Months Later

We would suggest a small gift or reminder to further show your gratitude and a subtle reminder of the other services /products you may be able to offer them.

If you are looking for other ways to enhance your Client Experience take a look at our Client Experience Audit

Would you like to create a more meaningful Client Experience?