Richard Leng

Richard Leng


The Brief:

We recently did custom packaging for the talented Richard Leng (RL Films Co.), and we just love how he placed importance on delivering something tangible to his clients. His approach to filming is that you don’t need a ton of gadgets and tech to capture what’s truly important, and he relies on his skills and artistic nature to capture intimate moments.

This is reflected in his packaging; it is simple yet elegant. Everything is handcrafted with the utmost attention to detail, it is perfectly thought-out and truly represents his brand. 

The outer shell is handcrafted from oak; the inside is covered with a charcoal coloured fabric which feels soft and luxurious and effortlessly compliments his artistic style of filming. His clients’ memories will be stored on a beautiful walnut crystal USB, and for an extra special touch, we added some fine art prints, printed on our cotton white paper. Everything about his packaging is meticulously thought-out and there is also a foiled thank you card, in a custom charcoal coloured pocket.

Packaging Goals

The goal for my new packaging was simple. To be able to deliver something tangible to my clients that reflected the quality of an RL film but also the brand. It needed to be simple and not over complicated but feel great in the hands.

To have space for prints to make the overall package feel more than just a standard USB box. My new packaging delivers on that brief for sure, they just feel quality.

How did you feel about your packaging before working with us?

My packaging before working with you guys was pretty standard really and felt like it didn’t really fit the RL brand. Often the standard wooden boxes look good in photos but to the touch they just don't scream quality, there not supposed to, I guess.  When you slide the lid open you could feel that they weren’t made to a high enough standard, especially for my couples that were booking me for a feature edit.

How do you feel about your packaging now, and how has this impacted your business?

I feel I now have something to deliver to my couples that really fits my brand and the feedback has been great. In a world of digital delivery, I feel it's more important than ever to hand something over that is tangible. If I’m going to do that it needs to be just right. 

It really isn’t a case of either or, I deliver digitally as well, it’s convenient and quick but there’s no reason we can’t have both. Being able to send my couples something tangible is, for me, more important than ever now. 

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