Camilla Lucinda Photography

Camilla Lucinda Photography


The Brief:

Camilla wanted to offer her clients a full experience, from the moment they booked, till long after the wedding was over. She loves to develop a personal relationship with her clients. She wanted her packaging to reflect this. Careful attention was paid to her welcome packs. We made custom shipping boxes & personalised note cards. We also included a paper anniversary gift, that she could send to her couples on their first wedding anniversary.

From Camilla

“I’ve met my couples 2-3 times before their wedding day, so I try to be like an old friend walking in the door. I help with the buttons on the dress, carrying bags, I always find out how my couples met, how he proposed etc. I want to keep that experience going throughout their package, something of luxury and excitement”.


Packaging Goals

In such a digital age I wanted to create an experience for my couples that was tangible, one that showed I was with them every step of the way, making my business less transactional and more personal. Some couples book me over two years in advance and I always felt bad taking a deposit and them not seeing a product until after their wedding day. So with Molly & Tom’s help we put together a Welcome Package that my couples receive as soon as the deposit is made, their official Wedding Package which includes beautifully packaged surprise prints in for all my couples, and even a first year anniversary gift so that my couples know that even after their wedding day I’m still thinking of them and care. It was important that from the very first gift I gave I wanted to show my couples that they will receive the best quality service throughout their experience, quality that goes down to even the shipping boxes. My goals were certainly more than exceeded with Molly and Tom, I felt like they have exactly the same values of care for their customers as I do for my couples, wanting to get to know my brand values and aesthetic before they put together a proposal. The products are just dream-worthy and have added so much value to my business.

How did you feel about your packaging before working with us?

Honestly, I never put too much thought into my packaging. I used to buy cheap boxes from Amazon to post things in and use any bubble wrap I could find around the house. The more my business grew the more I realised that my packaging didn’t fit with my brand ethos and didn’t show much care or thought. When I started doing more research and stumbled across Molly & Tom’s website it opened up so many ideas and possibilities to me and made me see just how beautiful and thought out my packaging could be.

How do you feel about your packaging now, and how has this impacted your business?

I’m completely in love with all my packaging and gifts which I post out to all my couples now. It’s something completely different that other photographers don’t do; they provide photography, but I provide an experience from the first moment they book through to their first anniversary. I’ve had amazing feedback about my branded ribbons and beautiful USB boxes with even some brides asking if they can receive my new USB’s instead of my old ones! I’ve taken some of my products and packaging as decoration for my stands at some wedding fayres and so many people have loved how feminine and cute everything looks. Lots of other vendors from wedding venues to wedding dress shops have asked where I got my new products from and I’m only too happy to tell them!


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